About the program

The Construction and Remodeling Program, seeks to offer an integrated solution that includes a source of financing through agreements with banks and close relationships with Authorized Financial Entities, as well as technical services for clients who need, build housing on own lot or repair, expand , improve or finish your home.

It is aimed at:

  • Families with incomes below 6 minimum wages (₡ 1,615,932) who have their own home or lot and need to build or need to improve or expand it.
  • Families in semi-urban neighborhoods with identified need for their attention.

Who do we support?

To families who have their own lot and need to build their home; or families that already have housing but need to repair, expand, improve or finish it.


In own lot a house or other house in the same lot with the yard bonus.


Add construction area for the comfort of family members. Expand the house by building a second floor.


Improve the finishes of the house.


* The technical costs are covered up to the formalization of the bond or credit, so that the client does not have to pay it from the beginning.

We work with Bond or Credit financing, this according to the client’s profile and conditions, so we must do an individual prequalification. For your reference I inform you of the main requirements.


Minimum conditions to benefit from the Bonus:

  • Family income equal to or less than ₡1,615,932
  • Having a family nucleus that lives under the same roof and shares household obligations.
  • Do not own more than one property (only the one to be repaired, expanded, improved or terminated applies).
  • Not having received the bonus before (ONLY RECEIVED ONCE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION regardless of the year and amount received).
  • Be a Costa Rican or have a legalized residence in the country.

Present other requirements as advised by FUPROVI.

Note: The bonus is exclusively for the construction or repair of the home and associated expenses.

Initial requirements to prequalify you for Mortgage, Trust or Personal Credit without bail through bank agreements:

  • Have a credit record up to date with SUGEF (to be a credit subject).
  • Salary constancy
  • Security employer.
  • Water or electricity bill of the house.
  • Copy of ID.
  • Account statements of other debts.
  • Original authorization of SUGEF to do the study in the entity of your choice.

Benefits we offer to companies-organized neighborhoods

  • Chat for employees on site with company of the bank entity that prequalifies for the Bonus and Credit.
  • Collection of documents on site, according to prior agreed date.
  • Status report on the progress of cases.

General Benefits

  • You will receive special financial conditions agreed with the different financial entities with which we work.
  • You will receive a comprehensive service for the entire process.
  • You have a professional responsible for his work that provides: plans, budget and leads the Technical Department in the construction process.
  • You have an advisor in the process of permit procedures and payment of construction policies.
  • You have a prosecutor from FUPROVI who supervises the work.
  • You will pay the fee established for technical construction services, endorsed by CFIA.
  • You will have access to construction material discount agreements with FUPROVI suppliers

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