We have a Research Unit, which develops an important capacity for generating knowledge as a result of institutional practice and experience. This has allowed us during the last 16 years to produce data and analysis on Housing and Urban Development, which makes it possible to influence public policy, provide important inputs in the design of projects and programs in the sector, be a reference point for the academy and public opinion in general. In addition, internal decision-making is highly benefited with objective and updated information on different aspects of housing and urban and social development in the country.


“The Bono Crédito projects have proven to offer ample possibilities to create synergies within the communities and their surroundings, although sometimes they are dispersed by the little functional articulation of other actors. Municipalities, for example, should be less passively involved, add value and even invest in complementary works when merited.”




FUPROVI (2019) “National Report: Housing Situation and Urban Development in Costa Rica, 2018.”